MIA – Paper Planes Remix


Download: MIA – Paper Planes Remix (feat Bun B and Rich Boy)

“Paper Planes” is by far the best track from M.I.A that I’ve heard all year. Everything from the beat to the chorus is just on point to me. This was originally supposed to be a single in the US but was censored because of the gunshots (who plays this chick on the radio anyway?), but Bun B and Rich Boy did get around to recording a “street” remix for it and it sounds pretty dope.

As most of y’all know, I could care less about M.I.A. She’s always been an acquired taste off the bat and I can’t bring myself to really get behind her (heh!) like most other bloggers out there. I’m not saying that she hasn’t made some hot tracks: “Sunshowers,” “Galang,” “URAQT,” are bangers, but it almost seems like some bloggers go crazy whenever this girl breathes and I can’t get down with that.

Also, check out the instrumental version of this track posted on Diplo’s blog, which should have aspiring rappers licking their lips like LL. (Wale should do a verse on this one).