Approved: The Cool Kids

The Cool Kids


Cool Kids – I Rock (Download)

Cool Kids – 88 (Download)

Yeah, I know…late pass on this one.

What is it with Chicago lately? Something is definitely in the water because every time I look there is a dope MC/Producer/etc coming out of the chi.

Twista, Kanye, Rhymefest, Kidz In Da Hall, Kid Sister, and now, next up to bat for the city is The Cool Kids. A duo consisting of two MC’s, they strive to carry the banner for the city in 2008. Don’t be fooled by the 80s attire, cause even though they pose like a Yo MTV Raps promo, their beats and styles are definitely new school. And unlike most acts in this new Hipster-Hop era, this duo can actually rap. Take notes people, The Cool Kids are the future.

The Cool Kids just played NYC for CMJ and are on tour with your girl M.I.A. through November. They will be dropping a EP on Fool’s Gold records soon and a full length on Chocolate Industries.