Video of the Day: Mute Math – Typical (Backwards)

I’ve talked about the New Orleans based rock outfit Mute Math a couple times on this blog, even including one of their songs on my Top 85 Songs of 2006. Like I’ve said before, I haven’t been on my rock thing for a while, but this band continues to impress me. Their style is hard to describe. Take the best of Coldplay, U2, etc and drop some Maroon 5 in there and you can’t even come close to describing these dudes. Unfortunately, they are signed with Warner Brothers so like J*Davey they’ve had some label drama, but they’ve been steady on their grind for the past few years without major label support and it shows.

Check this video from Jimmy Kimmel. It’s supposed to be a live performance done backwards but it was actually filmed during the course of three weeks. All I gotta say is….damn.