Random Ish: Monday, September 10, 2007

I started watching the MTV Movie Awards last night. Why? I don’t know. Mabye cause I was at the Palms casino last week and actually got kicked out of the spot that Kanye performed in. But who knows. I did have to turn over to the Cowboys/Giants game at several points in the evening just so I could keep my ghetto pass.

Having that said, MTV is all that is wrong with the music industry today, but we all know that. Having that said, these were the highlights:

  • Alicia Keys killed it, definitely the best performance of a night filled with non performances. Everybody else looked like they were just drunk or high (Brittney Spears?) but Alicia got out there and sang (yes sang) like she had something to prove.
  • Chris Brown killed his performance too, but honestly if this cat came up to me right now, I would figure he’s from IT Tech Support here to fix my computer. No offense to the dude, but his music just isn’t in my target demographic.
  • Kanye and 50 definitely had decent performances. Kanye needs to STFU about not winning MTV awards though. If winning anything from MTV is the pinnacle of your career then you just need to hang it up. If I were a hip-hop artist, I would rest easy knowing that 16 year old girls from Laguna Beach could care less about my music.
  • Tommy Lee and Kid Rock fought over my girl Pamela Anderson. Jamie Foxx’s “white on white crime” comment was on point. I actually saw Pam when I was in Vegas last week, and usually I can’t stand blond women, but she looks damn good.
  • Other than that, I didn’t see much else other than Likin Park (who I’m slowly beginning to like as a band), Gym Class Heroes, and even my boy Kenna was there at the pre-party.

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Anyway, in real music, Maxwell dropped some new track previews from his long anticipated upcoming album Black Summers Night. Most of you will remember the title from an old post we did a long time ago concerning the rumor that Sony delayed the album because of alleged homosexual references. Suprisingly its still one of the top 5 posts ever at The Couch Sessions

Apple dropped the iPhone price $200 bucks. Ha ha to those who bought that thing for full retail price. Seriously, early adopters got screwed on this one. And no, I’m not getting one. I’m walking into the Verizon store at lunch and dropping $150 on a Motorola Q9m, cause I’m a cheapass. I’ll cop an iPod Touch whenever they up the hard drive capacity tho.