New Music: Mary J. Blige – Let It Go

by Winston "Stone" Ford

? Mary J

Mary J. Blige – Let It Go

I usually don’t post snippets on here, but since this one happens to be from the Queen of R&B and Soul, I have to digress.

“Let It Go” is the first track from Mary J’s upcoming album Growing Pains which drops on November 20th. I’m liking this track. It’s “radio friendly” without going overly Rhiannaish and the whole vibe of the song reminds me of Michael Jackson’s Off The Wall. Look out for more from MJB in the coming months.

And as the track will remind you, this is a Talk of the Town exclusive.

  • Jasmine Childs

    Hey Mary I just love your songs. I have all of your songs I lust want say you know how to sangs and rap. I wish I can do that to but i not mad. Because you should be thank for what god had made. I wish one day can see you.

  • http://mickey's Rocksey Bishop

    Hi Mary
    I’m a 53 year old black woman in Baltimore Md. I love all the songs that you sing.It really matters to me what you sing,because you sing songs of laughter and of pain,You sing of triumps and dissapointments,but most of all you sing what you feel is you. Mary you touch a lot of hearts and a lot feelings that some of us can not say,you bring it in your voice.I lost my Son by H1N1 in October 2009,I thought that i could not not be able to go thru.With the help of GOD ALMIGHTY

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