DC is Gettin’ Sad

by Winston "Stone" Ford

? Common Share

So as most of y’all know, I was in Las Vegas for the weekend. I can’t tell you much, but what I can say is 1.) What Happens In Vegas, Stays In Vegas, and 2.) I’ve never had a girl lick the side of my face a la Rick James in Chappelle’s Show.

But I digress…

Common Share Closes?

Anyway, it seems that every time I leave town, DC loses another underground establishment. And unfortunately this was the case this weekend. The freakin’ Common Share closed down. If y’all don’t know, the Common Share was one of the few places where you could get $2.00 beers in the city. Not only that but it was one of the few Black owned businesses on the 18th street strip and they had chicken and waffles.

But it seems that since the neighborhood is changing, and the Common Share owners didn’t own the building so their landlord decided to sell. Also, people were complaining about the “element” that hung out at Common Share on weekends. And by element they must mean Black college students?

Like anything that’s hip in this city, the owners are planning to relocate to H Street, which is such a pain in the ass to get to its not even funny. So long $2 beers.

DJ Hut Burns

Another great spot in DC burned last week. The DJ Hut on P Street suffered major damage when a fire that started in Alberto’s (sound familiar?) spread throughout the building.

The floor of the store, he tells us, is a mess of shattered glass, water, insulation, and the bamboo that lined the shop’s ceiling. Much of DJ Hut’s stock of LPs are melted or smoke damaged, including the whole of the classics and new singles sections. The turntables in the shop are also ruined.

“All of our store has been pretty much destroyed,” says co-owner Chris Stiles.

Damn. The owners say that they will rebuild at some point in the future and that there might be an opportunity to get some Pete Rock and EPMD vinyl at deep discounts, but until then DJs will be out of luck in DC for the near future.

What are some other cheap, eclectic places in the city? You better get over there before they close or burn down.

  • Lady Glock

    So, I was already having a bad day today and then I read this…and now I just want to cry.

    WTF is going on at home??

  • Check out Liv Nightclub on Thursdays


    Both of those stories are jacked up! But on the real, I just started an event last month at Live Nightclub (next to Bohemian Caverns on 11th and U St) that’s picking up steam. It’s called The Hip-Hop Lounge and it happens every THURSDAY from 10pm-2am. Come check it out! Tonight’s opening set features DJ Scientific (yours truly) spinning an ill set featuring the best from DJ Premier, GURU, and the Whole Gang Starr Foundation! You don’t want to miss it. Every week, we start off with a feature set to warm things up. Then we hit you in the head with the best in REAL Hip-Hop, R&B/Soul, and Reggae. If you want someone to “Stop, Lock, and Drop It: or “Wipe You Down” then this ain’t the spot for you! Feel me!

    Plus, it’s TOTALLY FREE ALL NIGHT!!! We don’t have $2 beers….but we do have $3 beers!!! $3 Heinekens and $5 Martinis til Midnight. Doors open at 10pm! Check it Out! The Hip-Hop Lounge…Where Hip-Hop Lives!!! One!


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