30 Seconds to Mars – Stronger

by Winston "Stone" Ford


30 Seconds to Mars – Stronger (Kanye West cover)

I’m really not up on my rock game, because I honestly don’t know who 30 Seconds to Mars is. Apparently they’re pretty big among the MTV crowd so and I’ll take Wikipedia’s word for it. Anyway, their remix of Kanye’s Stronger is a damn good look. It was recorded this past month on BBC1’s Live Lounge in London. Unlike Travis Barkers reworking of “Soulja Boy,” this cover is on a straight downtempo emo tip, but they take the concept and ran with it.

  • Sandra [Echelon]

    I want to thank you for being the first(and only) blogger, that I’ve seen, who writes something nice about the guys cover.

  • henny

    than i wil be the seccond

    THANKS !!!!

  • Binci ? ø lll .o·

    That is awesome that people will like this song! The cover is really amazing!

    Take care, love from Slovenia

  • Amanda

    Finally, a good review of it! =]
    Thank you.
    The cover is amazing.

  • Nicole

    I was totally shocked that it was good! Now, don’t get me wrong, I LOVE 30 seconds to mars. They are the air I BREATHE (And all my friends just said, “Omg. Are you looking up 30 seconds to mars AGAIN?”) So it’s probably bad that I thought they would fail in this cover, but it is amazing! I love this song! I like Kanye’s version too, but this is truely an amazing thing they have here.

  • polbinho

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  • polbinho

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