Tay Zonday May Get A Record Deal


I’m surprised that none of the hip-hop blogs have talked about the true Summer Jam of the year, Tay Zonday’s Chocolate Rain. If YouTube views (which number over 4,000,000) were measured like record spins, I’m sure this dude would have the largest hit record of the summer. Add to that, the dude has performed Jimmy Kimmel and the BBC.

All for a song which metaphorical speaks about the Black struggle in America (seriously, listen to the lyrics).

The dude is playing a show in his native Minneapolis at First Avenue, which most people would recognize as the club that Prince made famous in Purple Rain. And there are already talks of a tour and record deal.


I have to respect the dude’s hustle but wow I can’t even bear a minute of this damn song. Is this all you have to do to get famous these days? (Damn, I sound like my Dad.)

As Miss Hipstah would say….get ya boy! (hat tip: The Daily Swarm)