Rosenberg on Rock The Bells

by Winston "Stone" Ford

Apparently some big concert went down on Randall’s Island this week. I think Dave Matthews and Bon Jovi played but I’m not sure. (I’m joking of course. Any Black person who comments about the skin tone of the audience needs to STFU if they weren’t in attendance.) Anyway, Peter Rosenberg is back this time at Rock the Bells, a underground hip-hop concert featuring MF Doom, Talib, The Roots, Cypress Hill, etc, etc. This dude seriously needs his own show on BET MTV, sending him to various concerts to do these things, not just hip-hop. He would’ve killed it at Live Earth.

  • Belve

    I cosign getting him a real gig. He is too good to be on Hot97. Shout out to the chick that asked about a camera and a radio station, *pure genius*. Did you peep how he dug into the dude that dropped the N-word, I felt proud at that moment, watching him go from “I’m no racist” to “Wow that was pretty stupid and racist of me”

    I wanted to go but they advance sold the tickets out .. I KNOW cause 4 of my co-workers (white) told ME the day the tickets were on sale that if Rage is there they are there, I asked him if he knew any of the groups on the Paid Dues stage were he proceeded to name drop artist and songs like he was a walking wikipedia. I knew RIGHT then no tickets for me. I even offered $200 for 2 and and got laughed at. So don’t blame black folks for not going but that also shows where hip-hop and rap sales are now made .. the 16 – 26 white male age range.

    Don’t forget there was another big concert in Dallas (the Play n Skillz or some such) also heard that was nice and yes it was full of our white brethen.

  • Wendy X

    sometimes I’m so ashamed of my white people. That n-word guy should be shot. Looks like everybody was there for rage anyway.

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