Spoken Word

Poetry? On The Radio? In Atlanta?

by Winston "Stone" Ford

? v103

So most of y’all know that I don’t listen to the radio much if ever. But on Thursday night I flew into the ATL and forgot to bring the FM Modulator for the iPod. So I had to resort to listening to…shudder…the radio for the hour and a half ride down to Bama where the family lives. Usually when this happens I spend at least a half hour pressing the SCAN button on the radio trying to find something good. But Thursday night I landed on V103 and…..what’s this? Poetry???

Atlanta hip-hop station V103 broadcasts the Poetic Moments Live on the radio every last Thursday night from Sugar Hill at Underground Atlanta. I haven’t been into the poetry thing like I used to, but hearing this on the radio is just downright refreshing. The poetry itself ranged from so-so to downright enlightening, especially the dude who did a send up to Portishead at the beginning of his set. Deep.

How long its been going on down in the ATL?

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    It’s crazy…I slept on this for the longest myself because the only promo it got was on V103 and I, like many others, have downright refused to listen to the radio. The Poetic Moments jawn runs the last Thursday in the month and, from what I’ve been told, has been rocking for about 6 months now. A few grown-up/artistic factions have been using Sugarhill as a venue of expression…you’ve got Harmony In Life, they rock an indie-soul show about once a month…last week Eric Roberson came through to support (although my nerves shattered when the dj dropped MIMS in the middle of a stage change…WTF). I think Kai Alce (hope I’m spelling that right, no disrespect otherwise) runs a deephouse set on sunday nights there too.

    When it comes to ATL poetry too, don’t sleep on FFX…Free Forum Exchange every sunday @ apache cafe.

  • Christina

    hi. is there an age range for Thursday nights at Sugar Hill? Anyone know any other poetry spots in Atlanta?

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