Poetry? On The Radio? In Atlanta?

? v103

So most of y’all know that I don’t listen to the radio much if ever. But on Thursday night I flew into the ATL and forgot to bring the FM Modulator for the iPod. So I had to resort to listening to…shudder…the radio for the hour and a half ride down to Bama where the family lives. Usually when this happens I spend at least a half hour pressing the SCAN button on the radio trying to find something good. But Thursday night I landed on V103 and…..what’s this? Poetry???

Atlanta hip-hop station V103 broadcasts the Poetic Moments Live on the radio every last Thursday night from Sugar Hill at Underground Atlanta. I haven’t been into the poetry thing like I used to, but hearing this on the radio is just downright refreshing. The poetry itself ranged from so-so to downright enlightening, especially the dude who did a send up to Portishead at the beginning of his set. Deep.

How long its been going on down in the ATL?