Miles Davis, Nas & Olu Dara

Evolution of the Groove

Mp3: Miles Davis, Nas & Olu Dara – Freedom Jazz Dance

I’ve been listening to a lot of jazz lately (more on that soon) and no one epitomizes jazz like Miles Davis. In tribute to Mile’s and his impact on jazz, a new CD entitled Evolution of the Groove is being released next week. The CD is a remix and rework of Miles Davis tracks based on previously unreleased material. The CD includes Carlos Santana, as well as Nas and his daddy Olu Dara, who got together for a remix of “Freedom Jazz Dance.”

The track itself is so-so at best, and Nas’ one verse in the middle seems to be inserted at the last minute (it wasn’t). I’m not really a fan of these jazz remix projects, so I’m a bit skeptical about the release at the whole. However, I’m not gonna pass judgement until I get my hands on the full album. (hat tip: Spine Mag)