Michael Vick

by Winston "Stone" Ford

? Michael Vick And Dog

I usually don’t write about non-music related topics, but since people want to know my opinion, here it is: Michael Vick is an idiot. Sure, I know that the media, the Feds, and the states are persecuting him and making him an example because he’s Black (you know if he were white he would get more sympathy, look at Lindsay Lohan and her DUI situation), but that should be all the more reason for the dude to watch his back. This whole situation is a classic example of “when keeping it real goes wrong.” I gotta agree with Jemele Hill of ESPN. There are many examples of Black men that live within the law and just because our people have been mistreated for hundreds of years doesn’t mean I should support Vick and his dogfighting efforts. This dude ain’t a martyr for me.

  • craig

    You’re right, we shouldn’t necessarily support the brother just because of our common history; but our history shouldn’t preclude us from supporting him either. I mean, look, black folks are sympathetic to other black folks because they know what its like to walk into a room and have people pre judge you for an immutable characteristic. Its not fair. And to me thats all this boils down to me. It boils down to precedent, fairnees and equality. If yo did for one, you should do for all.

    For example, “in ’98, Rams DE Leonard Little was driving drunk, ran a red light and killed Susan Gutweiler, a 47-year-old wife and mother. As per Little’s plea deal, he got 90 nights in a work release program and 1,000 hours of community service. In 2004, Little beat another drunk driving case. Last year, he signed a new contract with St. Louis.”(espn)

    And, I’m just not comfortable putting human life above animal life. This dude kills a woman, who has kids, and basically walks away. Mike Vick, is accused, takes a plea deal and he’s crucified. Thats just not the same treatment, and it makes me uneasy. Whats wrong is worng, of course this is a bad thing he did, but he should be treated equally and punished according to precedent.

  • craig

    sorry for the typos. In the last paragraph I meant to say, “I’m nost comfortable putting animal life above human life.”

  • sonny

    i wouldn’t say that vick is an idiot. he’s a product of his environment. dude was probably raise around people that never had the moral fiber to make proper decisions. and that’s not gonna change whether he’s paid 1,300 or 130 million. we gotta change the environment before we change the man.

  • michele

    I have nothing but compassion for Mr. Vick. I do have to concur with Sonny, He is a product of his environment. Animals were killed so we put him in Jail? No, make him pay back his debt in another way. Let him work in animal shelters, PAY A HUGE FINE to a reputable shelter! Can not believe this went to trial! Let us all say a prayer for Mr. Vick, more wasted talent down the tube

  • Stone

    Michelle, Sonny, Craig…

    I feel all of y’all and what you are saying, and yeah the details of this case are messed up. But the facts remain that Michael Vick is a grown ass man and he needs to realize that he has a responsibility to his team, his community, and himself whether he likes it or not.

    Unfortunately people around him shoulv’e seen the warning signs and offered the dude help before it was too late but he knew that people would always stick up for him and love him cause he was Michael Vick. But he really needed someone to slap him in the face and tell him that he needs to grow up and ditch his boys and that lifestyle, because let’s not front, fighting and killing dogs is just damn sadistic.

    I’m sure now Vick is realizing that he has to change, but this sh*t should have happened years ago.

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