Michael Vick

? Michael Vick And Dog

I usually don’t write about non-music related topics, but since people want to know my opinion, here it is: Michael Vick is an idiot. Sure, I know that the media, the Feds, and the states are persecuting him and making him an example because he’s Black (you know if he were white he would get more sympathy, look at Lindsay Lohan and her DUI situation), but that should be all the more reason for the dude to watch his back. This whole situation is a classic example of “when keeping it real goes wrong.” I gotta agree with Jemele Hill of ESPN. There are many examples of Black men that live within the law and just because our people have been mistreated for hundreds of years doesn’t mean I should support Vick and his dogfighting efforts. This dude ain’t a martyr for me.