Kanye vs 50

I wasn’t gonna take this up until after my hiatus, but since these YouTube snippets came out I felt the need to comment on them. As most of y’all know, instead of mourning the dead on September 11th (don’t wanna be blunt but I know someone who was supposed to be on the 80th floor of the WTC that day) we should instead go to iTunes the record store and pledge our allegiance to the future of hip-hop. Man, I’m more excited than the ’04 Election.

I’m really going to hold judgment until I hear the full albums, but after listening to the snippets I have to give the edge to Kanye. Personally I like 50’s current singles better than Kanye’s (no love for Ayo Technology??) but just like 50’s other two albums, I think he just comes up weak on this one. And even though Kanye can’t rap, somehow he make it all come together at the end, although I still think that Graduation will not top Late Registration as his best album.

What do y’all think?? (hat tip Byron Crawford)

Kanye – Graduation

50 Cent – Curtis