Anybody Checking Up on Global Grind?

Global Grind

So I got an email last week to check up on Global Grind, which describes itself as a “custom web 2.0 home page solution for the hip hop generation.” It’s the creation of 360hiphop/BET networks and it just received 4.5 million dollars in first round funding, though the application is still in beta mode. It’s based the Web 2.0 applications such as iGoogle and Netvibes that allow you to create personalized homepages using RSS feeds, video, and news content. Global Grind goes a bit further, adding news from sources like The Fader, SOHH, and Jossip. You can also add “Grinds” from sites like Nah Right and ESPN. Just like iGoogle or Facebook, you can move and arrange the content boxes as you see fit. The only thing that is “hip-hop” about this site is their fledgling “news” section, that pulls relevant urban news stores from multiple sources as well as give links to related content.

As most of y’all know, I’m a techie at heart, so I had to check this out and see if it’s worthwhile, and right now it’s not. If you already have an account for NetVibes and iGoogle, then there really isn’t much more that Global Grind offers. But I’m sure that since most people haven’t caught onto the Web 2.0 homepage thing, the target market for GG will be people who have no homepage at all, and that is the area which this site will probabaly make some inroads amoung “urban” listeners.