Album Preview: Janelle Monae Just Dosen’t Give a F#%k

Janelle Monae

Janelle Monae – Violet Stars Happy Hunting!

(fyi…I’m experimenting with MP3 players so if this song doesn’t play bear with me)

Remember Janelle Monae?

Most people will remember her as the girl from the Idlewild track “Morris Brown” as well as from Big Boi’s Got Purp Vol 2 (“Time Will Reveal”, “Lettin’ Go”). At the time, she got some mixed reactions. Most people I talked to thought she was okay, but as one person put it, she was “tryin’ to out-Kelis Kelis.” Word?

At first, Monae’s fate was uncertain, and personally I thought she was left for dead like most Dungeon Family (esque) projects, like Sleepy Brown, Joi, and Cool Breeze. However, I’m glad that ol’ girl got her business together and is releasing an “suite” next week entitled Metropolis under the alter-ego Cindi Mayweather who according to her is “the biggest star in cybersoul, is on the run from the Metropolis Execution Force” (yes, I do understand that you might have to be under the influence of drugs to understand this, but bear with me.) Instead of a full album, there will be a new suite released every 3 months or so with a new account of Cindy’s struggle.

Having that said, the first single is pretty cool, nothing overly special, but it manages to be outside the box without trying too hard. I’ve listened to some other cuts and they’re pretty dope too, but I could do without the whole cyberstory thing though. Although it won’t win her many fans, I gotta respect a Black artist who’s willing to think outside the box. She doesn’t seem like an artist that’s begging for your approval. What do y’all think?

Preorder Metropolis at the Janelle Monae store. (props: Concrete Loop)