Video: Strange Fruit Project feat. Erykah Badu – Get Live

by Winston "Stone" Ford

I haven’t had time to check Waco, TX’s Strange Fruit Project, but I’m really diggin’ this song and it’s good to have Ms. Badu back on some level, even if its just singing hooks. The track is off of their album The Healing which dropped last year.

  • Clyde Smith

    I’m curious, how’d you come across this video?

  • Stone

    Actually, a friend on MySpace sent it to me. However, it’s been posted on a few other hip-hop blogs.

  • Clyde Smith

    I noticed it on Different Kitchen. Glad to see it’s making the rounds.

  • Clyde Smith

    hey, I meant to tell you that I added you to the World Cypher newsfeed:

  • Mike Brown

    Make sure you check out that album, best track is Soulclap – sounds like something LB would do without Pooh bringing the track down which he does from time to time.

  • is it just me or….

    does erykah look pregnant in this video?

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