Track Reviews: Q-Tip – Work It Out/Lloyd Remix


Q-Tip – Work It Out (streaming from XXL)

Track Review: Hmm…..I don’t know if I’m feelin’ this track yet. After a few listens I’m getting into the “groove,” but for the most part this track falls flat. Q-tip self-produced this single, but it compared Tip’s first official solo single, the Dilla-produced “Vivrant Thing,” which still gets major airplay, this song seems dull, with a flat guitar lick and monotonous bassline that gets old after a minute and a half into the song. It’s not bad, per se, but I just don’t see this song being a dance floor banger from a dude who has produced solid material in the past.

Lloyd – Get It Shawty Remix (feat. Lil Wayne, Big Boi & Chamillionaire)

I’m not that old (yours truly is turning 27 next month) but do you remember when a remix was a remix? You know, when they would actually remix the instrumental track? Now, a “remix” consist of assembling several rappers who are hot at the moment (or who have an album come out) to drop a verse from thier home studio in order to get the track to get more radio spins. I don’t wanna sound elitist, but why do y’all fall for this ish? Sad part is: Lloyd isn’t even on his freakin’ remix! The verses in question are nothing special. Lil’ Wayne (who is slowly getting a place on my most despised rapper list) sounded high on his verse and Big Boi and Chamillionaire disappoint. The only saving grace to this mess is that this track is still my favorite of the summer and anyone who grew up with ATL bounce in the mid 90s would know why. (props to Concrete Loop for the link)