Random Ish: Monday, July 23rd, 2007

RIP Tammy Faye. Ok, not really but my family forced me to watch that televangelist ish when I was growing up and I’m still recovering.

DC brought the star power last week? Kim Kardashian, Dave Chappelle and Michael Jackson were in town last week?? Where was I??

The Getdown party at Cafe Napeloen was sick. (Pictures Here) Jerome and Sterofaith brought it as usual, and you must respect any DJ that includes Kris Kross’ “Jump” in their playlist. And boo to the chick who wanted to fight me cause I stepped on her foot. People need to chill when they go out.

I’m not going to convict Michael Vick like the press is doing right now (some of which I think is racially motivated), because we all need to give the dude the benefit of the doubt. And for the record, I think that dogfighting is disgusting and vile and if guilty, the dude needs to get whats coming to him. Does the dude need help? Yes. If Roger Godell had any sense he would assign older NFL players like Emmitt Smith as mentors to Vick, Tank Johnson, and Pacman Jones because these dudes need serious mental therapy.

Is the NBA run by the Mafia? If these allegations are true then this will have serious repercussions for American sports. This ref is going to sing, and might bring other people down with him. Not only that, but he called the most technical fouls of any ref in the league.

Oh yeah, and David Beckham played in America. I’m not the biggest football soccer fan, so I’m not jumping for joy or anything. I think everybody knows that its a marketing ploy more than anything.

The sample for Common’s Drivin’ Me Wild

Trent brings back the Bakers Dozen!

BYT previews what’s hot in the area’s streetwear stores.

Although her music is still da bomb, I can’t support Amy Winehouse anymore. Spitting on fans? I used to be first in line to see an Amy concert, but not anymore. Of course, that concert would’ve been canceled anyway. Related: How Amy Winehouse Gets Away With It.

Ja Rule and Lil’ Wayne were arrested on the same day. Hmm….don’t they have a single coming out? I don’t want to be a conspiracy theorist but damn, this just a little bit too coincidental.