Out of Town/Chamillionaire’s Video

I forgot to mention this on the blog (or to friends for that matter), but for the past few days I’ve been down in Alabama doing the family thing. I’ve had a great time down here doing absolutely nothing, and I’ll have more reports from Bama later in the week. I’m headed to the ATL for the next two days but I don’t know if I’ll have time to hang out with any of y’all. I’ll be back through soon.

Anyway, I did catch those new Chamillionaire videos on BET while I was down here and all I can say is…DAMN. I don’t know another mainstream rapper that has the balls to be political like this dude, and as much as we all hate BET, we all know that they stepped up to the plate by showing this. Evening News is my favorite of the two. It plays a little bit too much from the Chappelle handbook, but otherwise its probably the best rap video I’ve seen this year.