New Music: After the Smoke


After the Smoke – Love Abduction
After the Smoke – Dial Tone

Good lawd, it’s been a long time, but after months of searching, I can finally bring you the first Couch Sessions Approved Artist of 2007.

After the Smoke is a group that grabbed me from the first 30 seconds of the first song I heard with their mix of hip-hop, electronica, rock, and R&B. The Tallahassee, Florida (yes, I said right) based group started out being experimental from the get-go, forgoing the crunk madness that we usually associate the South for and going completely left field, bringing it all with a sense of individuality and uniqueness that is missing in popular music. What results is what seems like a smorgasbord of Black music, moving from synthed-out experimental R&B to old-skool hip-hop, to disco-influenced pop, and back again.

If you feel the need to compare these cats, the only thing I can say is that they sound like Sa-Ra crossed with the Fugees, laced with some Dungeon Family production.

After the Smoke is slowly being recognized on the Internet and OKP circles and the group dropped two mixtapes which can be purchased from their MySpace page. And as always, I want feedback on this artist. What do y’all think??