Hot Ghetto Mess = The Paris Hilton of Black Outrage

So I don’t tend to get political on this site, but a couple of people have asked my opinion about the new BET show Hot Ghetto Mess and where shocked when I told them I was indifferent to the whole situation.

Why? Here’s the deal. I live in a city that has recorded its 96th murder of the year. Our schools are crumbling and don’t even have textbooks for kids, and over 20% of our children live in poverty. Meanwhile the Black unemployment rate is well over 10% in some cities and let’s not even go over the whole Hurricane Katrina thing.

But I ask….where’s the outrage??

Is Hot Ghetto Mess a disgusting and outrageous show? Probably. But I wouldn’t know because I stopped watching BET years ago and I don’t even know what channel it is on my cable box. But ish like this and Don Imus are distractions from the real outrage that is going on our community, just like cable news outlets use Paris Hilton and Anna Nichole Smith distract us the fact that 3600 US soldiers have died for an illegal war. Real talk.