Blipster of the Week: A Race of Angels


A Race of Angels – Last Days On Earth
A Race of Angels – The Main Attraction

If you haven’t heard about A Race of Angels, check out my review of his EP that I did back in 2005. My recommendation to buy this bands EP still stands.

Not much is known about A Race of Angels. What is known is that the band is comprised of UK expatriate Yeofi and a mixture of Black musicians from L.A.’s alternative urban scene. But other than that, information about the group is few and far between.

AROA is a little bit of everything, drawing influences from R&B all the way to the likes of Portishead and Tricky. But the key to Yeofi’s soulful yet understated voice that penetrates throughout all of the songs. AROA has been making waves in the Southern California hip-hop community, getting praise from such Couch Sessions’ friends as J*Davey and Sy Smith. (Couch Sessions alum Autumn Caviness interviewed Yeofi back in ’05 on her radio show).

AROA is starting off 2007 on a good foot with a new EP, entitled Sunship Eusebea. The newest singles “The Main Attraction” has already started floating around the Internet, most recently on The Fader’s February podcast. It’s definitely different from his other work, but I’m slowly getting into it. As for his other songs, check them out on the AROA MySpace page and let me know what you think.

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