Banned In DC

banned in dc

So I’ve been approached by a couple of people this past week to start promoting music in the DC area again. At first, I declined, because promoting music in this town is tricky at best. You get no love from this city if you do something other than what’s heard on WPGC or Hot 99.5. I’ve been in countless situations where there were more people on stage that in the audience, and we all know that that is not a good look. The Banned In DC Shows got some excellent response, even though people didn’t show up like I wanted. I’ve had inquires for performers to come as far away as South Africa and the UK, but I’m not going to put a show in place until I know I have a good infrastructure, and right now DC has nothing in the way of promoting new and original music.

However, not all is doom and gloom. There is so much hope in this city this year its insane. In addition to the new parties that have been springing up like mad, there are new venues and DC people are even getting love from the industry in New York. But still, it seems like the Top 40 “Buy U A Drank” Club movement (err, H20 and <strike>Dream</strike> Love) has this city on lockdown. If I do this promotion thing, it will only be on some new and different tip, mixing music with visual arts, combining hip-hop and rock, etc. Sounds nice. But if you build it, will they come?

DC/MD/VA people, please hit me up and let me know if this would be something that you would be interested in.