Album Preview: Hezekiah – I Predict a Riot

Hez 2

Hezekiah – Looking Up feat. Bilal
Hezekiah – I Predict A Riot feat. Keziah + E. Shon Burgundy

I told y’all that I have more new music this week….

Today’s artist comes from Philly-based artist Hezekiah who is dropping a new album this summer entitled I Predict a Riot. Does the name sound familiar? Okayplayer heads might recognize the name from his first studio album, Hurry Up and Wait that dropped in 2005. Before and after his album dropped, the dude has been on the grind in the underground hip-hop community, supporting acts like Bilal, Jazzyfatnastees and Bahamadia and of course, the legendary Roots crew.

Although I’ve only heard bits and pieces of Hurry Up and Wait, I got to listen to the promo tracks of Riot and I’m really impressed with his latest effort. Hezekiah, who mans the boards on most of the album, finds a way to mix the best of Philly neo-soul, but manages to keep it unpretentious and accessible for the street. Freeway, Bilal, Jaguar Wright, Aaron Livingston, and even DC’s own Muhsinah all contribute to the album but never manage to interrupt or overtake Hezekiah’s flow. As some of y’all know, I’ve been abandoning hip-hop for a while, but an album like this might just be able to put me back into the fold.

I Predict a Riot drops on September 18th 2007 on Rawkus Records. Tracklisting after the jump.

1.) The Beginning f/Muhsinah, (produced by Oddisee)
2.) Wild & Wreckless, (produced by Hezekiah and Rick Tate)
3.) If One Falls f/Eleon (produced by Hezekiah)
4.) That Filling f/Freeway (produced by Hezekiah)
5.) Looking Up f/Bilal (produced by Anthony Accurate)
6.) Single Now (produced by Hezekiah)
7.) Let’s Get Involved f/Jamal (produced by Hezekiah)
8.) Bombs Over Here (produced by Vegan Pork Grind)
9.) Definition of A Bitch (Lude)
10.) I See Yaw f/ Jaguar Wright (produced by Hezekiah and Fred Kenny)
11.) I.P.A.R. (Lude)
12.) Moments in Sometime f/Aaron Livingston (produced by Hezekiah and
Aaron Livingston)
13.) I Predict A Riot f/Keziah & E. Shon Burgundy (produced by Hezekiah
14.) Freak (Lude)
15.) Gotta Love It f/Tarentz Moreese (produced by Hezekiah)
16.) Ghetto People f/Richard Raw, Chief Kamachi & State Store (produced by
17.) Afro Lude (produced by Hezekiah and Tony Whitfield)
18.) Muhsinah Outro