Review: 2Tall Presents Dudley Perkins & Georgia Anne Muldrow – “Beautiful Mindz”

Beautiful Mindz

2Tall Presents Dudley Perkins & Georgia Anne Muldrow
Beautiful Mindz

Usually I listen to a CD multiple times before I write a review. For me, it’s the best way to appreciate a CD enough to put it into words. However, with Beautiful Mindz, the new collaboration CD between UK DJ 2Tall and LA-based artists Dudley Perkins and Georgia Anne Muldrow, I found myself liking the CD less with every listen.

But having that said, the CD isn’t bad by any means. The production from 2 Tall is solid combining the best of 9th Wonder with a touch of Dilla, and Dudley Perkins’ flow, while off kilter at times, is sold. Tracks such as “U R,” and “Beautiful Minds,” and “Poet Past The Weak,” are getting heavy rotation on the iPod right now. “Newniss” successfully channels Curtis Mayfield. Georgia shines on “Aint That Strange,” accompanied only by an errie organ and some light high-hats.

With so many hot tracks on this CD, why the low rating? Well, this CD is just a little too “backpackerish” for me, and I wasn’t trying to get down with the spiritual poetic thing. Dudley Perkin’s seems to be on a whole ‘nother spiritual level sometimes and I just wasn’t getting down with that. But don’t mind my hating. It’s a good hip-hop CD, so its definitely worth a listen.