New Dizzee Rascal – Wanna Be

by Winston "Stone" Ford


Dizzee Rascal – Wanna Be (feat Lily Allen)

The Internets are graced latest track from Dizzie Rascal, my uncle’s new favorite (favourite) rapper. (Seriously!) “Wanna Be” is the latest UK single from the London rapper’s album Maths and English, and definitely more vintage Dizzee, compared with the first single “Sirens,” that we heard a couple of months ago. I was about to cringe when I heard that its a collabo with Lily Allen, but its actually a nice touch. I haven’t gotten my hands on the leaked copy, but the songs on his MySpace page are solid. I’m really hoping that this dude can make a real play for the US this time around (collaborating with UGK might help), but his last two albums have met with its fair share of haters in the hip-hop community. (via Scattermish)

Anyway, I’m out for the weekend. There is a slight chance I might head up to New York. I’ll let you know. False alarm :) . Can’t make it up this weekend.


    dizzy rascal is the best english rapper in the world and thats a fact

  • Angel_Eyez_Reppin_E.3

    hey dizzee u kl? i dnt fink u will rememba me but i no u n u no ma fam init anywayz hope ur all gd init xxxxxx

  • chad….

    yoooooooo dylann do youu remember me fam
    metion me in youur song
    kl bro

  • chad..

    yesss broo
    dylan mills aka dizzcee rascal
    ohh i forgot 2 mention do you want 2 cum 2 a party in two weeks baree pussy there bro

  • batman

    ur mum is fit cn i co0me 2 da party and get layed mutterfuker

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