J*Davey Dropped from Warner Brothers???


J*Davey – 4000 A.D. Demo

Usually I don’t post about label bullshyt, but since the Couch Sessions has support J*Davey from the jump, I had to post about this.

According to some random post from Okayplayer, J*Davey got dropped from Warner Brothers Records. Right now, I can’t verify if this is true (OKP isn’t exactly the CNN of the hip-hop world) and Filthy doesn’t even know what’s up either, so right now this is straight speculation.

I’m sure that if this is true, there will be all types of petitions and outrage from the blog community but honestly, I can’t be surprised if they do get dropped. I just don’t think major labels are READY for an act like JD. I could easily see a label like Warner getting scared of the prospect of trying to market two Black kids who listen to David Bowie and don’t talk about their Escalades. I think America is ready to think outside the box for a change, but this movement has to happen from the bottom up, not the top down.

Having that said…there are 4 new J*Davey songs that found its way to the Internet this week. Please bump them loud and proud.

Update: Sign the J*Davey petition.