Gear: iPhone drops Today


So if you didn’t know, Apple is releasing their iPhone at 6PM today. Are any of y’all getting it? If so, I’ll be your best friend forever (no Larry Johnson).

Anyway, I’ve been salivating over this thing for months. See…I bought an iPod last year and ever since then I’m in the “whatever Apple touches is gold” camp (Dallas Penn has the best theory about how those dudes at Apple swindle you into loving their ish). The iPhone promises full Internet browsing, intergrated email, visual voicemail, and even Google Maps and YouTube integration in addition to….um, making phone calls. I haven’t gotten my hands on an actual iPhone (a trek out to the Apple Store is in the works), but if this phone does half the things that its promised in the commercials, them I’m sold.

That is, until you look at the price. $599? For a phone? You gots to be kidding me. The other downsides are that you can’t send picture text messages or use MP3s as ringtones. Also, they want you to pay 99 cents to buy a ringtone from their Ringtone store. 99 cents?? Isn’t that the price of a a full song from iTunes? Hmm…ripoff much?

Having that said, the iPhone is probably better than that wack cell phone that you have in your pocket right now, so I can’t hate.