Bling Blung!

by Winston "Stone" Ford


I actually don’t have anything to post about today, but I had to put this picture up! Anyway, DC people NEED to stop by Selam tonight. I’ll try and make it but man, I have a major hangover today. Anyway, I have to apologize for not posting on new artists like I used to. After I almost got psychically assaulted in Philly by some rapper who was mad that I didn’t profile his album (long story) I sort of got disillusioned with the whole thing. No worries though, because next week will be chopped full of new music for ya ears.

Until then, peace out and have a good weekend my nuccas.

  • Janice

    That is a HILARIOUS picture!!! Hahahaha can you imagine if you saw that in person? I would most like flip over laughing so hard. Why would a rapper assault you? That is so wrong no matter what you did wrong. Is the rapper a new artist or something? Or he/she someone who has a previous track record of music? I like the old school people like The Roots & Truck North. Did you know that Dice Raw from the Roots & Truck North will be performing live in Chicago from 7pm – 11pm @ the Alhambra Palace Restaurant on the 28th of June? It’s totally free and all you have to do is RSVP! Check out for more info! I know this because I work with them!

  • Stone

    Look guys, I respect the even that you’re putting on. You’re even sponsoring my site, and as someone who has put on hip-hop events in the past I know that its a hard thing to get people out to events, ESPECIALLY when it comes to underground hip-hop.

    Having that said, what y’all are tying to do in the comments section is borderline blog spam and if it continues I will delete your comments. I WANT TO HELP Y’ALL OUT THOUGH. So please send me a press release or a write-up about your event and I’ll post about it. Ok?

  • Ms.Marsha


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