Approved Artist: The Carps


The Carps – All The Damn Kids
from The Young & Passionate Days Of Carpedia (Buy from Couch Sessions Store)

I gotta apologize to The Carps. I’ve been diggin’ this duo since I saw them at the Afropunk New Years almost 2 years ago and I haven’t posted about them since. We were supposed to hook up when they were in Philly to record a Podcast at the Roots’ studio, but again, no dice. So my bad on that.

The Carps are a Toronto based band consisting of only a bass guitar and drums. At first you might be scratching your head, but the combination proves to be some of the most powerful rock music that you’ll hear today. That’s if you can call it rock. It’s more like rock flipped with some hip-hop swagger. Lead singer Jamal Tonge ‘s voice reminds me of straight up 90’s era R&B and their music has more of a hip-hop edge than most “rap” being produced today. Check “All The Thugs I Know” and “Compton to Scarboro” as references.

Their first EP, The Young & Passionate Days Of Carpedia was released this year after what seems like a myriad of struggles with their label. I have been bumpin’ these songs for what seems like ages now and they never get old.

The Carps recently played New York last weekend and will be hitting up venues in Toronto and NY this summer and fall. These guys are a must see if they come through your neighborhood.