Walking While Black: Nas and Kells “treated like terrorists”


Another week, another rapper getting harrased by the authorities.

This time its Nas and Kelis who were rushed by security at a House of Blues in San Diego. Nas tells AllHipHop.com that:

We came to the club, all excited. Couldn’t wait to get here. [The tour venues] have been sold out every night. The energy from everybody has been crazy. Every time I come to San Diego, the energy’s crazy. [We] go to the the venue and they ain’t let me in. I was outside with my wife and they treated us like terrorists,” Nas said. “It was a little racist and we just don’t tolerate that. I just want everybody to know, don’t tolerate any form of racism.

So lets get this straight. It wasn’t like Nas and 50 of his boys were trying to bum rush a club. The dude was stopped and harassed at a venue where he was supposed to perform. It’s not as messed up as the Questlove incident, but still it shows the racism and ignorance that’s still prevalent in this country. This was the most interesting quote from the story:

“I said, ‘Do you treat Bon Jovi like this?’ They said, ‘No.'”

How messed up is that?? At least the racists at the House of Blues keep it real.
Because of the incident, Nas canceled the sold out show that night, which was the last stop on his Hip-Hop Is Dead tour.

(props to A Hot Mess)