The Top 5 Songs For The Summer

So the calendar says that Summer officially starts on June 22. Forget that…we all know that summer started this past weekend. And with another summer comes another summer anthem. The summer anthem is like the summer blockbuster. It’s mindless, and has no redeeming social value, but you know you’re gonna see it anyway (word to Spiderman 3). And it is with this mentality that the Talib Kwlei and Madlib albums get shuffled to the back of the iPod in favor of Clear Channels’ favorite artists.

1.) Shop Boyz – Party Like a Rock Star – This one is a no-brainer. I have to have this song blasing every morning before I go to work. Yes, I know that this song has no substance and is killing hip-hop blah blah blah. But forget that ish. Crunk music is a guilty pleasure. It’s like Chocolate cake, and I’m gonna be fat an happy.

2.) Lloyd – Get It Shawty – I’ve been jammin’ to this track the first time I heard it, but I didn’t think that it would be a club banger cause it lacked that crunk style that the radio loves these days. However, this track has been tearing up radio for the past month and I’m sure the clubs are appreciating it. This track is a throwback to pre-“Who You Wit” ATL booty music. Do I smell a revival?

3.) DJ Khaled – We Takin’ Over – Delete Akon’s annoying ubiquitous voice off of this track and you have a club banger.

4.) Rich Boy – “Boy Looka Here” – The dude from my home state of Bama (not Bamma for you ignorant DC fools) second single probably won’t make the waves like “Throw Some D’s” did earlier this year, but this track has just enough dirty south flavor to keep my stereo on full blast.

5.) Rhianna – Umbrella – I guess the ladies have to represent this summer and so far Rhianna is the only official nominee. I actually like this song except for the chorus (ella ella ella??), and Jay-Z actually does a nice job as an intro with his new girl. Unfortunately, just like that Fergie track, I’m sure this song is gonna wear out its welcome real soon…like tomorrow soon.