Random Ish: Friday May 25th, 2007

First off, I’m taking a real short hiatus from the site. Its Memorial Day weekend people and the last thing I wanna do is sit in front of the computer. Unlike most people I know, I’ll actually be in town this weekend, but I’m gonna be incognegro until Tuesday. And seriously why would you be in front a computer this weekend? Get a mojito and enjoy the beautiful weather people.

I’ll try to email Myspace y’all before the computer is turned off for good tonight. Anyway, for the random ish:


Oh, and DJ <strike>Underdog</strike> Dredd is having one of his overly popular Prince vs…… parties at Black Cat on Sunday. I’ll be high-tailing it back from Fredrick (MD) for this one.

If you didn’t know, your girl Lady Sov broke down in front of a NYC crowd last weekend and ran off the stage crying. Now, as a avid Sov hater this would be a perfect opportunity to rag on her, but honestly, I feel for ol’ girl. Promoting an album is no joke, and if you’re stressed out at your job, think of that stress multiplied by 50 and in front of a crowd of people. Still, it looks like homegirl needs some intensive group therapy soon.

White Stripes – Icky Thump Video

DJ Khaled Interview from JumpOff TV

I’m not so much into the whole funny T-Shirt thing, but this Wickedsweet Che Guevara Tee is classic to me.

Lady Glock chronicles another wild night in DC. This city is gonna get hella boring when she goes back to London next week.

R. Kelly – Real Talk. Wow. Wow. I’m speechless. Dave Chappelle doesn’t even have to parody this one cause Kells just made fun of himself.

Fishbone is a Black Band….

And yeah, I know that this video is old and I deserve a late pass, but hey clip has been getting me through the week: