Random Ish – Friday May 18th, 2007

Culture jammin’ from Wooster Collective.

Good lawd, I haven’t done one of these in a long time. Time to get it started…

First up…GAS PRICES! WTF is up with this? Seriously, I filled my car up last week and it was $3.15 a gallon in Virgina. I guess i can’t complain too much cause I don’t drive every day, but still…we need to riot in the streets! (not really)

We do need a rally for ish like this though. Call Al Sharpton.

Honey Soul has new music from Lauryn Hill. The song is err..different and its from some movie soundtrack. Having that said, I’m glad that Lauyrn is coming out of the woodwork but is it too late?

Please give me a reason to care about two millionaires arguing. Cam’ron and 50 Cent are the Black Donald Trump and Rosie.

The latest Rhythm Lab Radio Show is straight fire. Tracks from Chuck Brown, Soulwax, M.I.A., J*Davey and more.

Also on that show is a track from the Soil and Pimp Sessions. Some crazy wacked out jazz from Japan. I’m about to cop their album.

New Amy Winehosue “remix” featuring Jay-Z. There were rumors that Mr. Carter would do this so her tracks will get play on urban radio, but his phoned in voice is just eh. It can’t even compare with the Ghostface/Amy collabo.

Homegirl Lady Glock has been tearing up the East Coast on her London hiatus. (more here)
And this week I became one of the 28 percent of Americans to own an HDTV. All I gotta say is…damn! Lost in HD is crazy amazing. I have no reason to leave the house now.

There is less Chocolate in the Chocolate city. DC is less Black. Is anyone surprised by this?