Party Like A Rock Star…


Shop Boyz – Party Like A Rock Star

Say what you will about Southern hip-hop, but just one day in Georgia will show you why the South is on top right now. Yeah, most Southern rappers can’t even light a candle to anyone from New York (blame the school system for that). Yeah, the beats sound the same. But trust me, everything makes sense once you get to the club. The whole weekend, I thought that I would tear my ears out after hearing minute after minute of repetitive beats. and lyrics. However, once I got to the club I realzied that Southern Music is this way for a reason. Who cares about retrospectives about the community and deep lyrics. Sometimes people just want to get on the floor and shake their a$$, and Southern hip-hop provides the foundation to do just that.

Yes, I grew up in the South, and the Dirty has provides us with countless amounts of music from blues to booty, but now hip-hop down there is on another level. It’s crazy to see 100 women on the dance floor pop lock and drop it in unison like it was choreographed. I’m gonna sound naive, but it all looked straight out of a music video. I’ve been hanging out in the non-dancing Mid-Atlantic region too much.

Anyway, this song, “Party Like A Rock Star,” is tearing up the clubs in Augusta, GA right now. It’s become my official anthem and I’m sure that it will somehow make its way up I-95 soon.