Here are 3 sites, all intertwined with each other, that I read consistently. Thank me later.

Mike B vs Dickie G…site from LA DJ Mike B who spins @ some of the hottest/trendiest spots in LA. All of the cuts and mixes dude puts up on the site are golden and very essential.

Outside Broadcast….site from NY DJ/producer Eli Escobar who spins at some of NYs best downtown spots. Dude has some killer remixes, if you can find them, and is super ill as a DJ.

Konstant Konact…site from NY DJ and former radio personality, Stretch Armstrong, who had an ill show with Bobbito in the early 90s. Dude posts GEMS people, I’m talking Nas demos, freestyles from forgotten rappers, and music that made hip hop so vital and ill before snap music.