Free Music: The ARE – Still Climbing EP


The Are – Still Climbing EP (download from Rappers I Know)

You might not know about Houston-based beatmaker The Are, but the dude has been making beats with such underground artists as MED, K-Otix, Masta Ace, and De La Soul for over 15 years. He’s currently working on beats for Masta Ace’s new album.

Anyway, just like everyone before him this year, The Are is releasing a free mixtape. You would think I would be tired about posting free music, but like the other tracks I’ve posted here, its all quality. The beats sound similar to 9th Wonder which is a good or a bad thing depending on what side of the fence you’re on. As with most backpacker albums though, the standard “we have to reminisce about late 80’s/early 90s hip-hop” track is required, this time coming from Texas rappers Strange Fruit Project. Even still, this mix of beats and rhyme is well worth the price. You just can’t go wrong with free music people.