Pharrell and the Yessirs is Real

by Winston "Stone" Ford


Pharrell & the Yessirs – How Does It Feel
Pharrell & the Yessirs – Raspy Shit
Pharrell & the Yessirs – Number One

Remember that video that surfaced last year showing Questlove in the studio apparently remixing Pharell’s In My Mind album? Those clips lead to hella speculation that a re-release of the lackluster album was on its way. However, those rumors died down when there wasn’t sufficient proof, and Quest was mum on the whole situation.

Well, now the proof is in the pudding. These three tracks from the Questlove-fronted Pharrell and the Yessirs dropped this week, and the remixes are a major improvement over the source material. I gotta agree 15 Minutes to Live that this shouldv’e been the album that dropped last year.

There was hope that this album would see a commercial release, but with the industry the way it is, I doubt that any record company would put money into a remake of a already failed album. That’s what the Internet is for, right? (props: 15 Minutes to Live)

  • .maxiM

    This album, Pharell & The Yessirs “In my mind, has just been shelved by Interscope!!! Please take one minute to sign the petition here:


  • Sparki Marie

    I luv pharrell’s ablum but ya’ll made it even betta, i know a dj that’s been tryin to remix those songz but he never came close to wat ya’ll did. His remixes was good but it felt like it waz missin somthin. I luv ya remixis!!!

  • Azizi

    I highly disagree with the comments concerning the in my mind album….I feel it was genius! Every single trak, its about P, and his mastership of the beat and him exposing himself…yeah ok, he’s not a rapper, according to mainstream standards, but the man is still a genius! I couldn’t stop listening to the album for months…I’m a drummer and yes ?uestlove takin on the out of my mind project is spectacular, but don’t discredit P’s initial score. In my mind, may not have sold the way mainstream popthinkin interscope had expected, but it sure as hell was alot better than half the shit (that mainstream loved that was absolute crap) put out last summer….In my mind is all over my mind still….I’m still tryin to keep my cloths on ……Power to the entire Star Trak Movement…………….He straight crushed it!

  • c(laine)

    i thought the first album was Fantastic and now there is this album that shows that he can Remix a whole album and make it something that has never EVER been heard before. its makes me love his skills even more. Power to P and he’s tunes! one love one blood! x

  • The Black Art Depot

    I was not digging Pharell’s album at all though you gotta respect his accomplishments in the industry. But this remix album is it! He should’ve done this from jump. Questlove is the man….

  • Anthony “D2G” Ingram

    Please Release this album!!!!

    I love “In My Mind”….and “Outta My Mind” just assured!!! COME ON’ INTERSCOPE!! YOU MEAN TO TELL ME SOUJA BOY CAN RELEASE, BUT THIS CAN’T?!?!? COME’ ON!!!!!

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