Party People: Just Another Night In DC

So if y’all didn’t realize, I don’t get out that much lately. Blame it on work as always. I’m slowly starting to get out to people’s gigs, and since Miss Lady Glock is in town from London, this weekend seemed better than ever to reintroduce myself to the DC nightlife scene.

Only problem is…I was working all day. So if you saw me Saturday night, I was probably sleeping standing up.


Anyway, first stop was DC9 to see our homies in Lucky Bastards and Indigo Son perform. Earl and Indigo Son killed it as always and although we had to cut our stay there short, The new songs from Lucky Bastards were . I can never get a good picture at DC9, so this was the only one I was able to salvage.

DJ Dave Nada @ Bang Bang

Next stop was Wonderland for Bang Bang featuring Dave Nada, FreshDipt and Rome. Every DJ that night killed it. Seriously, DC has a good thing goin’ with the DJ talent we have. The set went from old skool to new skool, to B-More Club, to Dancehall and everything in between. The 80s babies were definitely represented. Every time I roll into Wonderland I run into someone I know and Saturday night was no exception. I even ran into yet another fan of the Podcast. People, I gotta say, I get a little flattered when I meet my “fans”. If you meet me in person I might get rendered speechless for a few seconds, but that’s just me getting used to this whole new found popularity thang. (More pics from Bang Bang @ Better Than Yours)

And I will leave this post on this note: Some people in this world were not meant to dance. Actually, what surprises me are the people who are proud of the fact that they cannot dance. I know it’s a DC hipster thing, but still…’s not a good look.