Moved to WordPress

I was gonna make this a surprise, but I wanted to give y’all some warning in case this blog gets completely f’ed up over the next few days. I’ve been with Movable Type for almost 5 years now, but I’m getting frustrated with the comment spam and their nerve to charge a dude $70 for support.

As of now, if you’re subscripted to the email list or the RSS feed, <strong>you should not have to change anything</strong>. If you link to the main page directly, you might have to change your bookmark but I’ll let you know once everything is set up.

Also, if you have a blog, you should defiantly check out WordPress. Its a huge step up from MovableType.

Update: I still gotta tweak some things, but everything was moved over last night. Most links should redirect to the new WordPress site, and the RSS/Email feed should not be affected. Leave a comment if you have any issues.