Fashion: Parish Nation

by Winston "Stone" Ford

Parish Nation

Parish Nation is the new clothing company started by former Enyce member Chaka Wilson in New York. The fashion is definitely a throwback to the mid to late 80’s era of NYC Hip-Hop. The concept is a mix of high art and fashion: bright colors, flamboyant design, large prints, etc. The influences for the line mix everything from Andy Warhol to Grandmaster Flash.

I was never a big fan of Enyce, but I’m diggin’ the design of P Nation and the non corporate ascetic to what they do. And the artwork is by far some of the best stuff I’ve seen on a T-Shirt design. The dudes were nice enough to send me one of their signature Tees, and people around DC are already starting to ask about it. Right now, I don’t know where you get these styles outside of NYC, but check their website for more details.

Official Website
Parish Nation Interview in FormatMag

  • How to start a clothing line from scratch

    Parish nation brand is very fresh…very very fresh!

  • theunderground

    Im trying to get in touch with Parish Nation so that I can get setup to sell the clothes out of my store. If You have a contact phone number or direct email address I would truely appreciate the assistance!

  • croccifico


  • Kofi Frimpong

    what’s up with a sponsor?? your gear is pretty fresh and it reminds me of the movie Breakin 1& 2, plus i’m a bboy from the world famous LA Breakers crew. please check out my clip.. i hope you like it…enjoy….thanks, keep that gear up cause that s#@# is FRESHHHHHH!!

  • Kofi Frimpong
  • Parish Clothing Line Fan Site

    One of the best clothing lines out right now…check out the fan site…above

  • MailMe if u know

    Someone tell me where i can purchase parish nation clothing!!!!!

  • King’s Korner

    I am a retail store ownwer. How do I go about purchasing items to sell in my store. Nice line.

  • walsley

    real nice but cost to much need to drop the prices so every body can afford them

  • ~K1NG

    ~You can buy it at Jimmy Jazz or Xtreme

  • ~K1NG

    ~You can now buy it at Citi Trends. (They sell all there clothes cheaper than the actual retail price) I got a black Parish Clothing jacket for 69.99 plus tax- Retail was 140.00 plus tax