Short Hiatus


Most of y’all who’ve had the honor of meeting me in person know that I’ve pretty much been working 10 hours a day, 7 days a week for this programming project at my real job. Yes, people, as much as I love The Couch Sessions, it doesn’t butter my bread, so to speak. Anyway, running this site on my work schedule has been nothing short of a miracle. This is the final week of the project, and sometime around April 5th, they’ll give me my life back. Until then, I’m gonna be working like crazy for the next week, so I gotta take small hiatus from the site.

I did burn a lot of bridges in the past few month, but hopefully I can reconnect with those artists/PR people/managers/DJ’s/etc that stopped speaking to me in the past few months cause I didn’t get back with them on interviews or I didn’t go to their shows or whatever I didn’t have the energy to do. I got a lot of things planned after I relaunch the site, however, including a review of Devin the Dude’s new CD, a look at Parish Nation clothing, so keep the CDs/MP3s and correspondence comin’.

Rome will be dropping some knowledge, and as always, check out our friends on the Blogroll. Peace.