Music Notes: Jurrasic 5 Break Up, SXSW, Sex For Beats


Jurassic 5 Break Up

So the rumors were true. Jurassic 5 officially announced their breakup over the weekend on BBC 1Xtra. Although management wants to paint a pretty picture over the whole thing, group member Zaakir’s statements, made over a month ago, highlight some deeper tensions in the group. In an Australian interview, he said: “Some might say business, some might say merchandising, whatever, there’s some really stupid s***–some really childish things–happening.”

Hey, that’s the business for ya. Actually, I was never a big J5 fan, but at least they were one of the few quasi-successful acts trying to keep “real hip-hop alive.” Hmm…I’m putting my money on Little Brother as the next group to go. (via ProHipHop)

Joss Stone is F*ckin’ For Beats?

Ususally I don’t address petty ish like this, but I’m posting about this simply for the entertainment value. Over the weekend Dallas Austin went on the record for some straight to DVD video talking about how Christina Aguilera and Joss Stone have traded sexual favors for producers’ beats. The whole thing is supposedly in response to Joss’ trashing of Austin’s friend Dave Gates in a interview. My general reaction to the whole thing is eh. DA’s account of XTina’s antics does remind me of this girl I knew in college, but I’m not gonna elaborate on that. As for Joss, I never cared about her anyway, and honestly I just don’t have time to get all crazy about her sex life. Check the videos and more commentary over at Concrete Loop.

Having that said, if you’re considering buying Introducing Joss Stone, put it down and pick up Amy Winehouse’s Back to Black. Or at least check out Alice Russell’s MySpace page. She’s the next element in the UK white girl soul singer invasion. (More on her later.)

Speaking of Amy, my sources (yes, Hits is one of them) predicting that Back to Black will drop about 30,000 to 40,000 copies in the US. Before y’all either complain or say “I told ya so,” 40k is not a bad number for a CD with zero radio play and zero promotion outside of blogs and magazines. Add to that the fact that most people downloaded the CD when it was released months ago. Anyway, Rich Boy and Lloyd will probably drop at around 100,000 or so units, which is apparently the new measure of success in 2007.

“Damn Right I Kissed My Daddy”

Lil Wayne finally addresses that picture that’s been floating around the Internet. Yeah, he admits that he kissed his “Daddy” on some mixtape verse. I’m not touching this one with a 40 foot pole.

And Finally…

Good look to everyone who invited me out to parties at SXSW. Because of my Europe vacation and this damn project at work I wasn’t able to get out there this year. I’m definitely showing up in 2008 though. OKP has a pretty extensive recap of all of the major hip-hop events that went down.