Coming To America…


So my two week stint in the UK/Northern Ireland/Europe is over, and honestly, I don’t even wanna be home right now. The UK is one of my favorite countries in the world, and England never fails to impress me. And the people are still the flyest around. Big shouts go out to: Miss Hipstah, Marsha of Soul Culture, my sister, Niamh for the 4 Hero party, Rocky and Floppy (?) from Casa Blue (if you’re in London, hit them up), Jo’Le (sorry we didn’t get up mate), and my dawg Robin in Belfast.

More shouts to all the people I met: Vicki, Kira, Sam, Everstina, Mike, Dave and Richard in Belfast, the Mercante Palace Hotel in Rome (a quality hotel, highly suggested), Jen from the Popcast, and all the other people that I’m forgetting to name.

And yes, I brought back about 4 pounds of English tea, so I’m gonna be drinking that like its goin’ outta style (with milk of course), and I picked up the terms proper, fit, uber fit, knackered, and ending all of my conversation with the word cheers.

And, since I just got back and my jetlagged ass has to work a full 8 10 hour day yesterday and today, so its going to take me a few days to sort through the my emails, MySpace, snail mail, etc. Please be patient.