Allow Me To Introduce Me

by Rome

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Smile (Mark Ronson DC remix)

Whoa talk about a good look for the kid Wale. Dude seems to have been embraced the by Fader crew and beyond two shows in NY and LA this is the first benefit. Song is cool (mixing suxked on another version I heard), but dudes association with Lily and Mark Ronson could lead to HELLA bigger things. I’m not mad @ dude at all.

  • NYC chick

    This Wale Dude is soooooo what HipHop Needs…FRESHHHH visually and lyrically

  • Warrior Mancess

    That “I’m Your Puppet” break is so played. Seriously, cats need to produce breaks that were not touched by 12 other producers. Wale looks like an action figure – only good thing about this track, period.

  • Stone

    Damn this is major….DC music is about to get some respect!

  • dcfist

    yawn. that remix is so not exciting.
    just cause fader says its cool doesnt mean it is…