V-Day Massacre


Peanut Butter Wolf

Peanut Butter Wolfs – Valentines Day Mix is very very ill.

E-mail this mixtape to your sweetheart, your spouse, your girlfriend, your boyfriend, your maingirl, your babycake, your beloved, your chick, your darling, your honeybunch, your cupcake, your broad, your lover, your number one, your numero uno, your old lady, your old man, your paramour, your patootie, your pet, your significant other, your ex, your sugar daddy, your suitor, your turtledove, or your valentine.

This set was made for broadcast on Tokyo’s J Wave radio station and will be available on www.stonesthrow.com only through Valentine’s Day.

Track list:

1. How Could You Break My Heart – Bobby Womack
2. Don’t Cha Love It – The Miracles
3. I Wanna Be Where You Are – Marvin Gaye
4. Blacks & Blues – Bobbi Humphrey
5. Blues Away – Micheal Jackson
6. Equal Love Opportunity – Clear
7. Pretty Music – New Birth
8. Go For What You Know – Archie Bell & The Drells
9. Aint It Funny – Roetation
10. Telephone Lovers – Alladin
11. Dance With Me Tonight – Holt Brothers
12. I Want Your Lovin – Backyard Construction
13. Loves Traffic – Loves Traffic
14. Someday In Your Life – GQ
15. Need To Be – Stereolab
16. Bring Me Coffee Or Tea – Can
17. Sirens Of Salo – Jimi Tenor
18. Ballata – Barry Forgie