New Music Notes: Dilla, M.I.A, Joss Stone


J-Dilla & Jay-Z – Dont Cry

First off, happy birthday to the one and only J Dilla. I can’t say more about Dilla that’s already been said, so I will digress. This little mashup of the two J’s – J Dilla and Jay-Z (vocals from “Song Cry,”) is hot! It comes from the upcoming DJ Soul Assorted Donuts mixtape which will have new freestyles from usta Rhymes, Black Thought and Ghostface as well as remixes off of Dilla’s Donuts LP. This will definitely be a good look when it drops as a free download this month. (Props to boogie tonight for this).

MIA – Bird Flu

If you read all the music blogs, you probably have this track already. I’ve been hesitating posting about this track because I’m just not feelin’ it. I was a fan of “Galang,” and “Sunshowers,” but hmm…I’ll marinate on this one for a little longer. I think some people thought that MIA was going to come to America and get the Nelly Futado treatment, but this song puts those suspicions to rest. Hey, I can’t knock her for being herself.

Joss Stone – “Tell Me What We Gonna Do” (feat. Common)
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I’m not the biggest Joss Stone fan in the world. If I had to choose a white UK Soul Singer like it was a life or death decision I would go with Amy Winehouse 99.9 percent of the time. Personally I think that the “soul legends” that put all their time behind promoting Ms. Stone should have put at least 40% of that energy behind Ms. Winehouse, but I digress. Even so, this song “Tell Me What You Gonna Do” is winning me over. I have to give her credit, Joss has a pretty amazing and soulful voice.

Kidz in the Hall feat. Jay-Z – “Don’t Stop”

This track is yet another Jay-Z mashup, but whoever made this did a serious number flipin’ Jay’s “Show Me What You Got,” track. Anyway I need to promote Kidz in the Hall more. These dudes are constantly being overlooked and underrated. Ian wonders why? Honestly, I’ve seen these dudes get s*hited on in the online hip-hop community so I’m not surprised that School Was My Hustle didn’t get any traction. Can college educated dudes make good hip-hop? Um, yes. Next question.