Little Brother Splits From Atlantic, Parts Ways with 9th Wonder

by Winston "Stone" Ford


Jazzy Jeff feat. Little Brother – Whatever You Want

Zo! feat Phonte – Africa (Toto rework)

So it’s official, Little Brother has severed its ties with Atlantic Records. Big Pooh told Hip-Hop Game that “at this time we are in the process of negotiating our release from the label due to a difference in philosophies.” I guess they took a preemptive strike since we all know that Atlantic wasn’t happy with the sales of The Minstrel Show.

If you followed LB like I have, you must have saw this coming from a mile away. Atlantic just was not a good fit for LB and this group will never get the airplay or put up the numbers that a commercial rap artist would. Why LB never was courted by or signed with a smaller outfit like Stone’s Throw, BBE, Ubiquity, or Def Jux is beyond me. And I’ve always agreed that 9th limited their sound. They needed to hand to torch over to a new set or producers.

Even though LB is putting out a Mixtape soon, I have a serious feeling that Phonte is going to break off and do a serious solo project, with production by….let’s say and DJ Shadow. I’m liking the dude’s non-LB collaborations that have been floating around the Internets. This Little Brother/Jazzy Jeff Collaboration (yes THAT Jazzy Jeff) is sold.

The “Africa” rework featuring Phonte (singing) with artist Zo! is um….interesting. After about 5 listens I can’t get into it. The ending is nice, but I’m trying to figure out if this is a good look for Phonte or not. Dude might be entering blipster territory!

  • Michael in Los Angeles

    Stone – do not try and work “Blipster” into your daily lexicon! I’m one of those “alternative” Black people the NY Times “discovered.” I’ve been letting my punk rock flag fly since 1980. “Blipster” my ass…

  • Stone

    LOL, word. I’ve had serious problems with that word blipster and I’m gonna hopefully write about it soon. I keep using it tho cause it just sounds so corny and comical that hopefully people won’t take it seriously.

  • coppercoloredgal

    yeah….your right about that “africa” joint….feels a little off??? but you knew phonte was headed thataway on “backstage girl” (thank you for *that* download also….sir)

    oh btw…thought that the meet-up was a good ideal but the funds ain’t kickin’ (ah…the life of a staving artist).lol.

  • dcfist

    oh my god. little brother is so overrated. 9th wonder too. who gives a fuck?

    (except for okay players and blogtards?)

  • ron

    don’t supposed to could share new links for these two tracks?

    i just stumbled upon this post/tracks and was like “whoa”.

    much appreciated in advance,