D. Swain Gets Signed by Def Jux


Danny Swain – Cafe Surreal

Congratulations to Danny Swain for winning MTV2’s and Def Jux’s Best Music on Campus Contest. As part of the contest winnings, Swain gets a digital EP release from Def Jux, a video on MTVU as well as a collaboration with Def Jux Artist Mr. Lif. Y’all know Danny from his numerous profiles on this site and others such as Okayplayer.com.

If you didn’t know already, D.Swain is a multi talented producer/MC from South Carolina currently studying at the Savannah College of Art and Design. The dude not only raps, but he produces all of his beats, and designed his website. Although most people try to pigeonhole him into the Little Brother/Kanye West realm, Swain considers himself more of a cross between A Tribe Called Quest and De La Soul. The dude brings a certain individuality and swagger to the game that most independent rappers lack.

TCS voted him Breakthrough Artist of 2006 last year and people are starting to take notice. I’m gonna hopefully get this dude on a Podcast before he gets too famous for our ass.