Album Preview: Fat Freddy’s Drop – Based on a True Story

by Winston "Stone" Ford


Fat Freddy’s Drop – Dark Days

To find anything about Fat Freddy’s Drop has been a challenge. First off, they’re from New Zealand, which means they ain’t gettin’ played by anyone east of the International Date Line. Second, they make dub Reggae, which means………..they ain’t gettin’ played by anyone East of the International Date Line.

What’s worse is that the group has almost made it a point to stay obscure. There have been a few white label tracks floating around the Internet for a while now, most notably “Midnight Marauders” in 2002 and 2004’s “Hope for a Generation,” the latter could sometimes be found on vinyl on eBay for up to a hundred bucks. But for all of their relative fame, these dudes only got around putting out a proper album last year.

I haven’t heard all of their album, Based on a True Story, but the little I did hear shows me that these dudes continue to have that skill that sent the Internet crazy in 2002: soulful lyrics combined with Jamaican dub and UK downtempo. The US will finally get their share of FFD love. Although the album is almost two years old, its getting an official Stateside release this month.

Expect a full album review soon. Until then, check out this track “Dark Days” and let me know what you think.

  • djeurok

    I have been playing Fat Freddy around town at my gigs for the last 9 months or so…and thats in DC…!

  • ndrop612

    Check out our show the rhythm lab. We have been playing since was originally released:(They were are first song we played when our show aired July 31,2005.

  • Dwane

    good look on this….i’m gonna cop today

  • Stone

    Eurok – yeah man, I wouldn’t doubt it….but man, you gotta be “in the know” to track down Fat Freddy’s Drop don’t you think?

    ndrop612 – dude, the rhythm lab looks dope man. I’m listening now.

  • DJStylus

    been banging that Jazzanova remix of Fat Freddys drop for over a year now.

    their lead vocalist is also on this tune by Recloose, who moved to New Zealand and is working with a lot of the musicians on that scene.

    this post does help as they’ve been pretty much an enigma to me outside of the above references.

  • nik

    Im from NZ and its very encouraging to hear/read aboout people on the other side of the world going on about ‘the drop'(thats wot we call them). In case u fullas didnt know, they also have a live album “live at the matterhorn”, it only has four tracks, but each track is about twenty minutes long, and its fucking sweet. Also since their debut came out, theyve blown up hard out here, but theyve done it on theyre own terms – theyre record got to number one here with almost no advertising, theyve also stopped doing live shows here while they do their next album.